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What is

Mobinode ?

For Users

MOBInode is a intuitive, state of the art platform allowing users to keep in touch with the masternode world via their mobile phones. Recent coin listings and releases will be at your fingertips, allowing users to keep up to date and informed, whenever, wherever. Research has shown that masternode currency investors are not getting notified about projects early enough for optimal investment. MOBInode aims to empower investors to optimize their investments for maximum profitability.

For Developers

Developers are at the ultimate advantage with the MOBInode mobile platform. Promoting a new or existing coin has never been easier. MOBInode will assist coin developers with 24/7 support for all technical issues and questions related to their masternode coin. Our live technical support will alleviate stress and pressure placed on development teams so that they can focus on platform development and various other related in-house issues. Innovative marketing tools like airdrops and bounties will be made possible through MOBInode and will be broadcasted to thousands of users. Paid listings will be made available as well as listings through community vote

What is
  • Facial Recognition software for secure sign-in.
  • Fingerprint ID towards sign in or locking.
  • 12-word mnemonic phrase to retrieve your wallet in case of damage or loss or theft of your mobile device.
  • Login and transaction password protection for added layer of safety of your coins.
  • 2FA authentication enabled for secured login and protects your APP being accessed unsolicited. use bullets rather than the letters
In APP Exchange

Users will be able to trade between all the listed coins.

Masternode Monitoring

Real time notifications when MN is Expired/Earn Reward/Needs update Have your total portfolio of MNs value , Your total earning from all the MNs

Multicurrency HD

All In One ,Super Secured Wallet , Send/Recieve/Store
Multicurrencies - From One Place


Airdrops / Bounties of coins listed on APP benefiting both users and devs

We know that the first thing you do when you wake up is that you check your phone for the messages, e-mail, social media notifications or news. Now MOBInode adds one more utility to it. Start receiving notifications from our MOBInode APP about your active masternode rewards and their health-check. Check at a glance whether they are active and whether the rewards received are normal and whether you are on the right chain. If you are not a node owner, fear not as we have features for you too! MOBInode brings you important news and updates from the communities of your subscribed coins and also informs you about new coins coming into the market. If you are a newbie and want to research crypto before you dive into it, this APP is a must for you as it allows you to understand the projects, read their announcements and reviews and get updates on their development without having to join their discord or telegram. Bounty hunter or Airdrop lover, receive your airdrops on your MOBInode multicurrency wallet directly, without having to create a separate wallet or downloading a different APP. If you are a developer, create awareness through advertisements, run campaigns through airdrops and develop a MOBInode fan following for your project. Equipped with a huge database of users of new and old cryptos MOBInode allows you to advertise your project and reach your target audience. Also get notified weekly on your active advertisements performance based on impressions, clicks and views via e-mails. Small advertisement banners will be available on different pages of the platform thus helping you to select your audience. Create Bounty and giveaway campaigns in APP and let your followers engage with you.
Coin Name: Mobinode
Ticker: MOBI
Algorithm: Quark
Masternode Collateral: 1000
Marternode Reward: 80%
Staking Reward: 20%
Block Time: 60 Seconds
Total Supply: 35 000 000
Premine 332 500 (0.95%)

Stage 1

  • Project inception and team formation
  • Initial whitepaper release
  • Blockchain development
  • Discord Launch including other relevant social media platforms

Stage 2

  • Official website launch
  • MOBINODE network test
  • MOBINODE network launch
  • Platform development begins

Stage 3

  • Wallet release for Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Main block explorer launch
  • Secondary block explorer launch
  • Official Bitcointalk ann
  • Marketing campaign

Stage 4

  • Bounty launch
  • Coin sale
  • CryptoBridge fast listing
  • listing

Stage 5

  • Cryptocurrency Stats and blogs sites listings
  • Legal company formation
  • KYD Verification
  • , crex24 Listing

Stage 6

  • Platform multicurrency wallet and MN monitoring release
  • Platform API Integration and testing
  • Mass project advertisement
  • Shared masternode services tie up

Stage 7

  • Website improvement
  • Extend marketing campaign
  • Platform advertisement and airdrops and news features release
  • IOS version of platform release after full completing of platform launch in 1 week

Stage 8

  • Platform advertisement and airdrops and news features release
  • IOS version of platform release after full completing of platform launch in 1 week
  • Mobinode bug bounty
  • Listing on 2nd and 3rd exchange together

Stage 9

  • Listing on CMC
  • Partnership with more coins and more batch of listing coins
  • Roadshows and presentations at blockchain conferences
  • STOP TAKE A BREATH and Release roadmap after all milestones achieved